Alice Partington


Drawing of Alice Partington

Working with themes of feminism, chronic illness, pain, menstruation, female sexuality and mental illness my work is multidisciplinary and seeks to engage the viewer on multiple levels. I am interested in moving my audience out of their comfort zone and re-examine their commonly held beliefs. By using a variety of mediums, including everyday objects and scenes, I aim to convey a deeper hidden meaning beyond what first meets the eye.

Solo exhibition I Bleed With You centered around an installation re-examining beliefs on menstruation. The installation, Jam Jar Project, invited the viewer to not only question their established views on menstruation, but to give them the platform to celebrate its beauty. Other works in the exhibition included a wearable vulva-esque latex sculpture suspended on a meat hook and Pain Paintings. These Pain Paintings form a series created by attempting to visually capture physical and mental pain.

Dealing with pill shaming after battling with my own chronic illness I created the Trapped series. It features layers of pressed flowers and pill casings encased in acetate. Suspended from decay by artificial means, the flowers are presented alongside the pill casings. Both the pills and flowers are celebrated, equally, for their beauty and importance. Trapped was featured in Shape Arts exhibition In Circles at Bow Arts Centre London in 2019.

Anxiety Adventure draws attention to different aspects of living with anxiety disorders, such as recurring thoughts, eco anxiety, triggering objects and perceptions of others. This project uses everyday objects, mattress, lawn grass, jam jars, to express unseen significances in these familiar items. The use of medium references the fact that mental illnesses, like Anxiety, are as commonplace as the object itself. It allows the observer to go on a journey to see the everyday elevated to the exceptional.

Spanning many genres from short films to spore prints created from foraged mushrooms and redefining everyday objects in exceptional ways, my art seeks to explore, question and empower.

Nomadic Artist. I have been van based since the end of 2018. Leaving a relatively ‘conventional’ life behind to seek new experiences and ways of living, my partner and I built a home, and studio, on wheels. Van dwelling has provided challenges and opportunities as an Artist. A life on the move provides many sources of inspiration but living in such a small space has meant my art practice has had to adapt to the space at hand. After 2 years living and traveling on the road my artistic practice has already yielded some unexpectedly and wonderful results.


2019 Feature in Shape Arts exhibition In Circles at the Bow Arts Centre, London.

2018 Solo exhibition, I Bleed With You, Brighton.

2016 Medway Open Studios.

2011-2015 BA Hons Degree in Fashion Design with Business studies, University of Brighton.

2010-2011 National Diploma Foundation In Art and Design, University for the Creative Arts Rochester.



I Bleed With You Icon
Fine Art
I Bleed With You
Incorporating several different works over a number of years, this exhibition seeks to create a platform to ponder and question such themes as feminism, menstruation, pain and the human form.
Metaphysical Being Icon
Fine Art/Fashion
Metaphysical Being
My graduate collection 'Metaphysical Being'. The film shot on a 16mm black and white bolex, featuring my fashion collection of conceptual drape designs made from flesh toned latex.
Antidote Icon
Fine Art/Fashion
A surreal collection of characters and landscapes which all encompass the theme of 'an antidote to life's monotony and mundanity.