Antidote, 2013, Duration: 00:05:59, Bolex 16mm Black and White Film

Antidote is a surreal collection of characters and landscapes which all encompass the theme of 'an antidote to life's monotony and mundanity'. Shot using a c. 1950 Bolex black and white film camera which creates another dimension with imperfections of the film, only adding to the surrealist scenes. The films loose plot follows each character trying to find their own antidote to the monotony of life with different means, while the heroine travels on, forever moving along, looking for an antidote of her own. The film deals with themes of depression, represented in part with the rope dress the heroine wears. The dress drags and weighs her down until it is transformed into a part of herself and is worn close to her body no longer holding her back. 

Antidote, 2013, Collaborative Photograph series with Gerry Stewart, 35 format

In collaboration with the photographer Gerry Stewart an accompanying photo series is able to further deepen the surrealism of the film. Buy double exposing the images taken during filming the photographer was able to build on the film allow an even more dream like world to emerge.