Alice Partington

I Bleed With You

I Bleed With You Poster

Incorporating several different works over a number of years, this exhibition seeks to create a platform to ponder and question such themes as feminism, menstruation, pain and the human form.

Centering around the ‘Jam Jar Project’, menstrual blood is displayed within jam jars. The jars create an impact and aim to highlight the tension between a beautiful and yet ordinary thing, which is still heavily stigmatized. This project celebrates menstruation and also aims to break the taboos still surrounding it.

Pain paintings were a way to use imagery rather than words to describe pain. There is an almost frequency like feel to them, like a seismograph, showing the unpredictability and variedness of pain. The colours evoke images of the body while the textures add to the diverse layers of pain. It is only when you lean in closer do the complexities reveal themself fully.

Suspended from a meat hook, the Latex sculpture and dress comes from the project ‘Metaphysical Being’. The project questions what it is to be human and how that will change in our future. The latex dress has been re-imagined to a hanging sculpture which embodies the female form, hung via meat hook, being an aggressive reminder of the inequality still present globally.

More Projects

Anxiety Adventure
‘Anxiety Adventure’ is a collection of works highlighting aspects of anxiety. It draws from personal experience while also inviting others to share their own understanding of the mental illness.
Metaphysical Being
My graduate collection 'Metaphysical Being'. The film shot on a 16mm black and white bolex, featuring my fashion collection of conceptual drape designs made from flesh toned latex.
A surreal collection of characters and landscapes which all encompass the theme of 'an antidote to life's monotony and mundanity.