Alice Partington

Metaphysical Being

My graduate collection 'Metaphysical Being'. The film shot on a 16mm black and white bolex, featuring my fashion collection of conceptual drape designs made from flesh toned latex.

The project plays with ideas around the evolution of the human form. The surrealist quality of the concept plays out with no real narrative but simply focuses on motion and moving ahead: as time continues forward with our own evolution.

More Projects

Anxiety Adventure
‘Anxiety Adventure’ is a collection of works highlighting aspects of anxiety. It draws from personal experience while also inviting others to share their own understanding of the mental illness.
I Bleed With You
Incorporating several different works over a number of years, this exhibition seeks to create a platform to ponder and question such themes as feminism, menstruation, pain and the human form.
A surreal collection of characters and landscapes which all encompass the theme of 'an antidote to life's monotony and mundanity.